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Stephanie Murphy has been a supportive guide in my journey to health, love and wellbeing.

Through her cooking workshops, I was easily able to incorporate delicious and healthy meals in my own kitchen. She showed me many different ways to incorporate more vegetables into my family’s diet. For example, how to take a common produce that was not particularly a favorite in my family and have it become an instant hit by just cooking it differently without any added ingredients!

Stephanie also taught me how to be patient with myself and learn to love my injured body when I suffered a traumatic brain injury. Her kindness penetrated me and gave me hope. I began to believe that I would heal and that my injury did not define me.

During this period she introduced me to therapeutic grade essential oils to incorporate along with my daily cocktail of medications. I knew a bit about essential oils but more on an basic aromatherapy level. She listened to my symptoms and was able to suggest what could alleviate certain problems and help stimulate parts of my brain by providing many samples to try and a fantastic information sheet completely catered for me.

I’m so happy to report that I’m on the road to recovery and am even happier to say that through Stephanie Murphy’s passion and love for wellness, I am a happier, healthier and kinder person today than before my accident.

With love, health and kindness,

Melissa Saucedo

Stephanie is an inspiration to me to strive to have a healthier home and family. I recently participated in one of her healthy cooking courses and learned so much, lots of fun and easy ways to prepare healthy foods, which my family really enjoyed. I also loved the serene and cooperative atmosphere Stephanie created in our class.

She is an encyclopedia in terms of the essential oils and always available to help…

Kris Baron, Milano Italy

Stephanie introduced me to the world of essential oils, for which I am really grateful to her. She offered a fully natural solution for diverse types of problems I approached her with. With her help, I managed to integrate the use of EOs into my family`s everyday life and experience the positive effects. When she is talking about the essential oils, you hear real passion in her voice which is so encouraging. Her kind and opened personality makes you feel comfortable immediately.

She is always ready to answer questions and reacts fast to any issues may occurred. I participated in a workshop that she organised which had a wonderfully easy and fun atmosphere besides the fact that we learnt plenty of great information about the different uses of the essential oils, creating natural cosmetics, body care products etc. I am glad I got to know Stephanie, a truly devoted, very friendly specialist of this topic.

Nikolett McKie, Monza Italy

Stephanie Moletti-Murphy came to my rescue when my daughter was very ill with the flu. She brought me samples of the EOs specific to her needs and was available to answer all of my questions (it was my first time using EOs to support symptoms during illness) – and the oils worked!!!

I was hooked, by the effectiveness of the oils and by Stephanie’s sweet helpful manner! Her health coaching has also been very vital and encouraging – she helped me believe I can do it (make necessary changes that are such a struggle). I am very thankful for Stephanie and highly recommend doTERRA oils and Stephanie as a consultant – she rocks!

Jeannie, Monza Italy


I help moms just like you who are struggling to create time to prioritize their health gain clarity and structure in their daily life.

I also am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, wife & mom to 3 and am currently living in Monza, Italy.

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