Stephanie Moletti

Natural Health Empowerment Coach for Women

My name is Stephanie Moletti Murphy and I’m so excited to have you here!

I’m a Natural Health Empowerment Coach for Women.


& welcome

My mission is to empower women around the world to become their most vibrant selves.

I help moms, just like you, who are struggling to create time to prioritize their health, and gain clarity and structure in their daily life.



When we SLOW down, we can hear the messages our bodies are sending us.

We intuitively know what’s best for ourselves and our children – we just need to quiet all the outside noise we are bombarded with on a daily basis.


see what they say

Stephanie Murphy has been a supportive guide in my journey to health, love and wellbeing.

Stephanie also taught me how to be patient with myself and learn to love my injured body when I suffered a traumatic brain injury. Her kindness penetrated me and gave me hope. I began to believe that I would heal and that my injury did not define me.

Melissa Saucedo

Stephanie is an inspiration to me to strive to have a healthier home and family.

I recently participated in one of her healthy cooking courses and learned so much, lots of fun and easy ways to prepare healthy foods, which my family really enjoyed. I also loved the serene and cooperative atmosphere Stephanie created in our class.


Stephanie introduced me to the world of essential oils, for which I am really grateful to her. She offered a fully natural solution for diverse types of problems I approached her with.

With her help, I managed to integrate the use of EOs into my family`s everyday life and experience the positive effects.


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I’d love the opportunity to chat with you.

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I help moms just like you who are struggling to create time to prioritize their health gain clarity and structure in their daily life.

I also am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, wife & mom to 3 and am currently living in Dublin, Ireland.

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